FittingsThe Most Diverse Fitting and
Collar Selection in the Industry



PureFlex High Performance Fittings

PureFlex fittings and collars are manufactured specifically for FEP and plastic-lined hoses. Applying the highest quality standards, they are designed for compatibility with most manufacturers' true-bore plastic hoses including smooth bore, convoluted, cuffed, and rubber covered plastic lined.

In addition, PureFlex has designed and manufactured the most diverse fitting and collar selection in the industry.

Fitting Materials

A wide range of fitting materials include carbon steel, 304 S.S., 316 S.S., Monel® Hastelloy® solid Kynar® (PVDF), or solid polypropylene. Other materials available upon request.

Tri-Loc™ Ultimate
Blow Off Prevention

Fittings Cut Out

To achieve maximum plastic hose performance, specify PureFlex encapsulated fittings available in PFA. Advantages include zero corrosion rates and lower lifecycle costs.

PureFlex "High Performance" Fitting Barb Design

  • Double-sided, patent pending barb design locks fittings securely into hose.
  • Fitting barb height and angles are tightly controlled to eliminate tearing and splitting of plastic hose during assembly, fabrication, and operation.
  • Optimizes pressure and sealing capabilities.
  • Eliminates cold flowing of the liner around fittings, hose shifting in both directions, and fitting blow off.
  • Smooth transition between fitting and hose eliminates product entrapment.
  • Easy-to-assemble collar and fitting "dog lock" design.

All fitting styles may not be available for all hose types.

Hose Fittings

Threaded Fittings

  • Style 03 Style 03 Male Pipe (NPT) Hex
  • Style 06 Style 06 Female Pipe (NPT)
  • Style 30 Style 30 JIC Female Swivel
  • Style 33 Style 33 Male Union (NPT)
  • Style 36 Style 36 Female Union (NPT)
  • Style 37 Style 37 Female Swivel NPSH
  • JIC/NPT Adapter JIC/NPT Adapter with PTFE Seal

CAM Lock

  • Style 07 Style 07 Female CAM Lock 'D'
  • Style 17 Style 17 Female CAM Lock 'D' Reducer
  • Style 27 Style 27 Female CAM Lock 'D' (PFA Encapsulated)
  • Style 08 Style 08 Male CAM Lock 'E'
  • Style 28 Style 28
    Male CAM Lock 'E' (PFA Encapsulated)
  • Style 20 Style 20 Male Flange Adapter (PFA Encapsulated)
  • Style 21 Style 21 Female Flange Adapter (PFA Encapsulated)
  • Style 02 Style 02 CAM Spool Adapter
  • Style 22 Style 22 CAM Spool Adapter (PFA Encapsulated)

Compression, Splice, Buttweld

  • Style 31 Style 31 O-Ring Female Swivel 'D'
  • Style 38 Style 38 Compression Adapter
  • Style 39 Style 39 Compression Connector with Nut and Ferrule
  • Style 18 Style 18 Tube Buttweld
  • Style 19 Style 19 Pipe Buttweld
  • Style 11 Style 11 Splice


  • Style 40 Style 40 Sanitary (Tri-Clamp)
  • Style 45Style 45 Bevel Seat Female
  • Style 40F Style 40F Sanitary Flare Thru (FlexChem Hose Only)
  • Style 46 Style 46 Bevel Seat Male
  • Style 40U Style 40U Sanitary Flare Thru (UltraFlex hose only)
  • Style 48 Style 48 I-Line Male
  • Style 41 Style 41 Sanitary Step-Up
  • Style 49 Style 49 I-Line Female
  • Style 42 Style 42 Sanitary Mini
  • Style 44 Style 44 Sanitary X Male Cam


  • Style 05 | Style 15 Style 05 Flange Retainer Style 15 P Series Flange Retainer
  • Style 25 Style 25 Flange Retainer (PFA Encapsulated)
  • Style 29 Style 29 Flare Thru Flange (UltraFlex hose only)
  • Style 29F Style 29F Flare Thru Flange (FlexChem Hose only)