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Heated Hoses



Superior Insulations, Precisely Applied Elements, Most Temperature-Stable

PureFlex's electrically heated option may be applied to any of the hoses and fittings available from PureFlex. Our superior insulations and precisely applied heating elements provide the most temperature-stable heated hoses on the market. PureFlex heated hoses are excellent for maintaining viscosity control, freeze protection, and dispensing temperature-sensitive media. Temperature options available from ambient to 450°F (hose selection dependent). Contact PureFlex for more details.

Heated Hose Features

  • PureFlex PTFE hose with stainless braid and sanitary end connections; other hose and fitting styles available
  • Silicone prewrap serves as an elastic cushion as well as a dielectric insulator
  • Reflective tape disperses heat and aids in insulation factor
  • Optional micro controlled processor for precise temperature control
  • Proprietary heating element is wound uniformly and in tight proximity to provide accurate heating and control. "J" thermocouples or RTD's sensors are available
  • High Temperature Polyimide insulation blankets heating elements and reflective tape to provide stable temperature control
  • Polyester braid wraps tightly around insulation maintaining product integrity and protecting internal components
  • Hardened,tight molded Polyolefin, bonding the heating components to the hose