UltraFlex™The Severe Service Standard




Ultra-Flexible Convoluted PTFE Hose for Heavy Duty Applications

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Cleanable
  • Flexible

UltraFlex™ heavy duty hose is made with the thickest seamless PTFE liner in the industry and offers the largest size range (1/2" - 6") which makes it ideal for nearly all demanding high purity and chemical applications. The open pitch spiral convolutions facilitate cleaning because they're self-draining, and the tight bend radius of UltraFlex hose is perfect for space-constrained locations. To ensure continuous fluid contact with PTFE throughout the hose assembly, the PTFE liner can be cuffed and flared through for a continuous fluid conduit.

UltraFlex™ Advantages

UltraFlex Braids
  • Corrosion Resistant - PTFE is fully resistant to the broadest range of industrial chemicals and has a zero corrosion rate with lower life cycle costs.
  • Cleanable - Non-Stick, low porosity tube is self cleaning and does not trap bacteria and can be cleaned with steam, detergents, caustics or solvents.
  • Sanitary – FDA-approved materials meet or exceed Pharmacopoeia Class VI and 3A standards.
  • Compatible - Will not contaminate or impart taste, color, or odor to any media.
  • Flexible - Ultra flexible engineered design that resists cracking and stress corroding.
  • Durable - Engineered for extended use in hostile environments involving severe chemical, thermal, and mechanical stresses. Does not suffer from aging or ernbrittlement like rubber, even with extreme thermal cycling.

Flared-Thru Fittings

UltraFlex™ thick PTFE liner can be passed through the end fitting and flared radially outward against the sealing face to provide a continuous PTFE fluid conduit.

Flare-Thru Fittings
Temperature Range
Operating pressure ratings are one-fourth the minimum burst pressure at (+)70°F (21°C)
Pressure and vacuum ratings are based at (+)70°F (21°C)
** 3" is available for full vacuum applications - consult factory
Stainless braid and bare hose temperature range: (-)65°F (-54°C) to (+)450°F (+232°C)
Polypropylene braid temperature range: (-)20°F (-29°C) to (+)250°F (+121°C)
Operating Pressure (psi) Minimum
Bend Radius
Per Foot
1/2" 400 400 40 1.75 29.9 0.20
3/4" 400 400 30 2.25 29.9 0.35
1" 400 400 30 2.50 29.9 0.50
1-1/4" 325 275 20 3.00 29.9 0.70
1-1/2" 325 250 20 3.25 29.9 0.80
2" 250 225 15 5.25 29.9 0.95
2-1/2" 250 200 15 8.50 29.9 1.50
**3" 175 175 15 9.50 24.0 1.79
4" 150 150 15 11.95 20.0 2.25
6" 75 50 5 15.50 15.0 3.50

Hose Options

Hose Cover Options

Hose Cover Options

  1. Scuff Sleeve

    Protects hose exterior from damage when dragged over rough surfaces
  2. Fire Sleeve

    Protects hose from extreme exterior temperatures. Can be used as insulation and protects personnel from extreme interior temperatures
  3. Polyolefin

    Provides a smooth, cleanable covering over braided hose. Many colors available
  4. Armor Guard

    Protects hose from kinking by not allowing it to exceed its bend radius
  5. Spring Guard

    Provides kink resistance and protects hose from damage when dragged over rough surfaces
  6. HDPE

    Provides kink and wear protection during rough handling. Available in (8) colors for color coding and is the only protective cover that can be installed on an existing assembly

Electrically Heated Option

Heated Hose Option

UltraFlex™ Spiral Vent Tubing

Spiral Vent Tubing

UltraFlex™ heavy wall PTFE makes it ideal for vent tubing or flanged hose assemblies where line pressures are relatively low. UltraFlex Spiral Vent Tubing assemblies provide excellent flexibility, are light weight and have superior chemical resistance. Available in sizes 1/2" to 6" with cuffed, flanged or a variety of other end connections and materials.

Durcor® Composite Flanges

Durcor-62 Flanges
  • Strong as Steel
  • 1/4 The Weight of Stainless Steel
  • Class 150 Rated
  • ASME B16.5 Class 150 Drilling
  • (-)60°F to (+)300°F
  • Lower Cost Then 316S.S.
  • Lower Transportation cost
  • Lower Installed Cost
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost
  • Zero Corrosion Rate
  • 5 Year Warranty