200 Series
Swing Check Valve


200 Series Overview

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Strong as Steel
  • 1/2 the Weight of Steel

The 200 Series valve is a full face wafer design that conforms to ISO 9001 standards and ANSI B16.5 Class 150. They are built to be corrossion resistant and can unseat with less that 1psig of pressure. It can also seat itself without any flow, in both horizontal and vertical lines.

200 series swing check valve

To conform to the rigid PureFlex standards, each valve is hydrostatically shell tested at 1.5x its rated cold working pressure for 3 minutes to ensure the best construction. They are then seat tested at 20psig and 1.10 x rated shutoff to ensure no leaks are found.

The 200 Series is the ultimate in corrosion resistant Swing Check Valves and ranges from 3"-12"

  • Materials of Construction
  • Body:Glass fiber-reinforced vinyl ester resin, with integrally molded disc support slot.
  • Disc:Glass fiber-reinforced vinyl ester
  • Seat:PTFE or Viton® Option
  • Lifting Eye:Stainless Steel
200 series pressure/temperature chart