TASK-LINE® Lined Pipe
Grounding Paddles Putting Safety First.



Release the Static Monster

Task-Line Lined Pipe Grounding Paddles

Special consideration should be given to the transportation of flammable liquids through linings that incorporate a grounded metal backing, such as a steel pipe lined with PTFE or other plastic. The electrical volume resistivity of PTFE-lined pipe is 1018ohm-cm. This value is characteristic of highly insulating materials capable of accumulating dangerous levels of static charge for several hours, even days. Materials having less than or equal to 109ohm-cm are considered to be static dissipative/conductive.

Due to the large, effective capacitance of the PTFE against a steel housing, large surface-charge densities may be formed. These densities give rise to highly energetic, lightning-like sparks in rapid succession known as propagating brush discharges. Such discharges have the potential to ignite most flammable atmospheres and can even ignite some of the more sensitive dusts. Pinholes in the PTFE liner may also be formed by these strong electrostatic charges. If left unchecked, these pinholes will cause premature pipe failure which will lead to chemical leaks and subsequent environmental concerns.


Through a proprietary process, static-dissipating PTFE resin is compression molded around and through a 304 stainless steel, perforated, metal insert. After oven sintering, the porous-free, static-dissipating PTFE resin 100% encapsulates the stainless insert, isolating it from any fluid contact while in service. TASK-LINE lined pipe grounding paddles have conductivity/static dissipating properties (volume resistivity) of less than or equal to 106ohm-cm.

No More Fabrication or Gaskets

TASK-LINE lined pipe grounding paddles are molded to size, 1" through 6" (other sizes available upon request) in class 150# ANSI ratings with a thickness of 1/8". The paddle handle extends 2" above the flange and is pre-drilled for grounding hardware and cable (included). TASK-LINE lined pipe grounding paddles self-align and seat easily to any 150# ANSI, lined pipe flange and never require gaskets.

TASK-LINE® Benefits

TASK-LINE lined pipe grounding paddles have a temperature range from cryogenic to +400°F and are chemically resistant to: all acids, all chlorides, all sulfates, all bleach solutions, all solvents, all phenols, all caustics, and all peroxides. TASK-LINE grounding paddles' unusual non-stick property eliminates/reduces ion formation, oxidation and scale build-up, all of which can render alloy paddles useless. TASK-LINE lined pipe grounding paddles come complete in kit form with everything needed for a quick and easy installation.

TASK-LINE® Advantages

  • Save over 60% in procurement and installation
  • Protects lined piping and instrumentation
  • Zero corrosion rate
  • Blowout protection
  • Non-porous
  • Eliminates scrap waste
  • Seats easily
  • Comes complete in kit form

TASK-LINE® Grounding Paddles are Non-Contaminating

Independent laboratory testing has proven that TASK-LINE grounding paddles are non-contaminating and non-leaching. This feature limits the potential of process contamination. (Test data available upon request.)



Task-Line 150# Pressure-Temperature Limits

In terms of performance and longevity, nothing comes close. When installed between two flanges, the PTFE encapsulated metal insert restricts the PTFE from cold flow/creep while under load. The metal insert prevents radial flow of the gasket which eliminates bolt retorquing after installation, maintaining a tight seal even through repeated temperature cycles. The strength of the metal insert also provides critical, blowout-proof protection. Another benefit of TASK-LINE gaskets is the PTFE's non-stick property which allows it to easily release from flanges during disassembly without any scraping.

TASK-LINE® Lined Pipe Grounding Paddles Sizing Table and Part Numbers
  Compatable with all 150# Lined Pipe Systems
Other sizes available upon request.
Part Number
(150# Flange)
1 TGP0100 0.687 × 2.625
1-1/2 TGP0150 1.250 × 3.375
2 TGP0200 1.687 × 4.125
3 TGP0300 2.687 × 5.375
4 TGP0400 3.687 × 6.875
6 TGP0600 5.500 × 8.750